Ad Fontes Academy Admissions

Lower School Campus (Grades K-4)
Saint John’s Episcopal Church
5649 Mount Gilead Rd.
Centreville, VA 20120
703.673.1145 ext. 1

Upper School Campus (Grades 5-12)
Centreville Presbyterian Church
15450 Lee Highway
Centreville, VA 20120
703.673.1145 ext. 2

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 916
Centreville, Virginia, 20122
Latest News
  • Senior Profile: Sam Berlin, Strength of Character (2013-2014)

    AFA2013-91A quick glance at six-foot nine-inch Sam Berlin, and most folks immediately imagine him dunking on a basketball court.  Certainly that’s true, but a closer look is needed to discover what Sam is all about.  A life-ling resident of Manassas, Sam came to AFA as a seventh grader.  He is the youngest of three and had been homeschooled prior to calling AFA home for the rest of his scholastic career.

    During the past six years, Sam has proven to be part of a vital core of his class.  While he has thoroughly enjoyed his time on the court with his friends and attributes much of his basketball success to the mentorship of Coach Jerry Cuffee, Sam contributions to the culture of Ad Fontes are varied.  For the past two years he has served as head of House Ilium where he has had opportunities to model servant leadership and set an example for younger students.  (more…)

  • Senior Profile: Shane Perry, How Things Work (2013-2014)

    Shane Perry“My parents told me that when I was younger, writing made me cry,” reflects senior Shane Perry, who has attended AFA since the 2ndgrade.  “I admit that in my time at AFA I sometimes asked why I had to work on what I wasn’t good at.  It can be frustrating, but if you learn to let down your guard, and let yourself be taught, transformation happens.  Now I’m writing a 27 page senior thesis!”

    Shane is a confessed “math and science guy, with a passion for how things work,” but has seen his interests expand over the years.  He loves guitar, which “allows me to express feelings I can’t in other ways,” and has even dabbled in writing his own songs.  In his free time he also reads many 20th century classics from Hemingway and Orwell, to which he attributes his time in Miss Milroy’s literature classes.  He  finds that his literature and music hobbies help him with his future as an engineering major at Virginia Tech. “Mr. Carey (his physics teacher) told me that a mathematician who can write well will always stand out, so I’ve definitely learned to see the benefits of AFA’s emphasis on being well-rounded.” read more